Coal Soft Sole Shoes
Coal Soft Sole Shoes
Coal Soft Sole Shoes
Coal Soft Sole Shoes
Coal Soft Sole Shoes
Coal Soft Sole Shoes
Coal Soft Sole Shoes
Coal Soft Sole Shoes

Coal Soft Sole Shoes

$ 38.00

Please read the entire description thoroughly prior to purchasing.

These black fabric with brown leather accents Soft Sole Shoes are perfect for those little ones that like to scream and kick off their hard sole shoes. The lightweight fabric is comfortable and the elastic ankle keeps them on. Fashionable and functional. No need to sacrifice style with these shoes. Handmade by Cassie.

Available Sole material:
Fabric - Great for newborns up to crawlers.
(Fabric is the same material as back ankle piece, not waterproof and no grip)
Rubber - Great for all, especially those standing and walking. (Rubber is a thin flexible, anti-slip and waterproof material) (Rubber color is black, pictured)
Leather Toe + Heel Guard - Highly recommended for walkers and crawlers to protect the toe and heel from wear. (listed as "Toe Guard and Rubber", includes the toe and heel guards and rubber sole.)

Measuring: Measure the longest length of foot from toe to heel. (Tracing the foot may be the easiest way to get an accurate measurement). Sizes FIT UP TO the measurements in inches.  It is recommended to add 1/4 inch to the child's foot measurement if you want the shoe to fit right away and 1/2 an inch for growth/wiggle room. (Please take into account these are made to order and may possibly take up to 3 weeks before they are shipped.) 

Available Sizes: (Fits up to)
0 = 3.5 inches / Preemie & Newborn 
1 = 3.75 inches / Newborn
2 = 4 inches / 0-3 Months
3 = 4.25 inches / 3-6 Months
4 = 4.5 inches / 6-12 Months
5 = 4.75 inches / 12-18 Months
5.5 = 5 inches / 12-24 Months
6 = 5.25 inches / 18-24 Months
7 = 5.5 inches / 24 Months up
8 = 5.75 inches 
9 = 6 inches
10 =  6.25 inches
11 = 6.5 inches
12 = 6.75 inches
13 = 7 inches
Other = Upon Request

Need a bigger size? Send us an email request. Please note that the age suggestions are an average estimate and will not apply to all.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash or Spot clean fabric
Wipe leather with a damp cloth, do not soak leather, this may cause the leather color to bleed onto the fabric.
Line Dry


MTO = Made to Order, Will ship out within 1-3 weeks.
RTS = Ready to Ship, Will ship out within 1-2 business days.

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