Product Tips + Tricks

Product Tips + Tricks


At first the boots can be tricky to put on the younger kiddos. I recommend them for ages 1 and up. But completely wearable for those that are younger. They will become easier to slip on each time you wear them and break them in. 

I find it easiest to have the child sitting on your lap facing forward and pulling the shoes on with your thumbs in the boot and slip them on in one swoop. Like you would with your own shoes. 

The elastic laces are not permanent. They can be removed/ loosened if needed. You can “unlace” the elastic to add more room to put them on. Just pinch one end of the elastic and slip it through the eyelet. You should gain enough slip on room by undoing one eyelet. There is no need to remove the entire lace from the boot. Once the boot is on, you can then slip the elastic back through the eyelet to lace them back up. 

Boots too big? Starting July 2018, all boots will now come with an extra (4th set) of eyelets behind the snaps. These are used to tighten the elastic around the foot. Simply fold the end of the elastic laces in half and slip it through the open eyelet directly behind the male snap. You will need to unsnap the fold-over to reach these eyelets. If you only need a tiny amount tightened only tighten one side. Need more? Do this to both outer and inner sides of the boot.

 Boot Example


Button top button of shirt.

Attach bow tie directly under/ over the top button.

Open alligator clip and slide bottom alligator prongs between the shirt layers with the button threads sliding in-between the prongs.

Straighten and fluff bow tie. You can stick your fingers between the front and back bow tie layers to fluff.


Open snap scarf completely.

Place inside center of scarf at the front of neck.

Wrap scarf ends around neck and bring snap ends back to front.

Snap clear snaps, one inner layer loop snap with one outer layer loop snap. These snaps keep loops from separating. (Older models do not have the clear snap.)

Snap western snaps as desired. Snapping only the center snap works best on
toddler size scarves. Have some fun and try different styles.