About Us

Hello! I’m Cassie, the hands behind Classy Cassie. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband Denis, son Vincent and daughter Olivia.


Creating is my passion. I enjoy a wide variety of hands on crafting.  Refurbishing and reupholstering furniture, creating home decor, sewing and baking (mainly just decorating) to name a few. 

I hate cooking. I can spend hours making and decorating a cake, but cooking dinner is the worst! I love plants, but do not have a green thumb. Something I am working on. I find it easier to keep my children alive than plants. I thought succulents were supposed to be “easy” plants… I've killed four…and counting.

As a first time mother, it is very eye opening. Pulling an all-nighter in high school is nothing compared to the sleep deprivation caused from a child. It is tough at first, not all moments are glorious, but I wouldn't take my old childless life back. There is nothing more rewarding than having a tiny human, in which you created, smile at you while sitting alone at 3 o’clock in the morning. 

One day while driving with my husband I said, “I wish I could stay at home and make money creating things.” It has always been a dream of mine. I never thought I could actually do it. The only thing stopping me, was me.

Starting Classy Cassie is a way for me to make money so I can stay at home with my kids. Not only is this a source of income, it is also a way for me to use and share my creative abilities. I am eager to see where Classy Cassie takes me. I invite you along for the ride. - Cassie